Here is an overview of the various golf ball grades
you can buy at Golfball Factory Outlet:

We sell a variety of golf ball grades. Of course, the lower the grade, the less you pay.  Note that NONE of our golf balls have slices or cuts in them!  They are all washed and sorted prior to going on the sales floor.  They may have corporate logos, magic marker, ball point pen on them.  Some are “worn out” and have lost their stripes and shine or have tired logos.

But these are only cosmetic issues.   Please ask if you have any questions!

Here is our grading system for

Sometimes these are called “tournament” or “white” balls.
These are the ones you actually PLAY with!


Mint Same as a new golf ball The mint grade golf balls are the highest quality golf ball in the marketplace. There are like new and will feel and play as a new golf ball would. Its shading is excellent. This mix may HAVE corporate LOGOS* and player pen markings, but NO cuts or NO scuffs.
*Percentage varies anywhere from 0% to 100% logo balls depending on stocks.
Refinished Same as a new golf ball First, the balls are stripped, then repainted, then their original logos are are stamped on. Finally, a clear coat is sprayed on the ball to make them look as though they are brand new. Our refinished golf balls are manufactured to OUR specifications.  Try them, you will not be disappointed!!!
Near Mint
Golf balls are great for practice rounds. The golf balls are cosmetically challenged, but that will not affect their distance, flight path or trajectory. The golf balls are CLEANED and WASHED. The condition of this golf ball will be similar to a golf ball that has been played for a few holes.The color and sheen of the golf balls may be inconsistent. Expect golf balls to have corporate logos, small scuffs or player markings.
AA Still very playable golf ball Our AA golf balls are great for practice rounds. The condition of this golf ball will be similar to a golf ball that has been played for at least 9 to 18 holes. The golf balls are WASHED and CLEANED. Cosmetic blemishes and discoloration and in some of the dimples may be present. There may be a difference in luster and color. The integrity and flight characteristic is not compromised. Player markings, team and corporate log will be part of this grade. Higher grade x-outs and practice models may be included.

Here is our grading system for

These are also known as “practice” balls and are used at driving ranges.  They can be full flight, limited flight, and some even float on water!  “Hit aways” are the golf balls you smack into the woods with no thought of retrieval (see grade D, below).  These balls are usually white or yellow and sometimes have logos on them or stripes.

We buy and sell top quality used golf balls

A This grade goes one of two directions. If he balls are white, the “A” grade means the ball is in MINT condition. If they are RANGE balls, they will be an A/B mix. These range balls still have a lot of life left. Good shine. Most of the stripes are still there.
B Good “Filler” range balls. Stripes and shine are starting to wear down. Multiple flaws and noticeable wears. Still very playable, expect tanning on some golf balls of this grade. Logo will be on some golf balls.
C Good For Winter Ranges. Less stripes and Dimples than the B Grade. Some will have logos, tanning, scuffs and players pen marks, but no cuts. This mix may include refinished balls.
D This is the bottom of the barrel. If you loose these, it is not going to be a great loss. Some or many balls may be dirty.